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  1. Well... My wife is going back under the knife on September 19th... The bone did not heal, she's in constant pain but still manages to work and smile. Quite the gal I married!

    She'll be getting a ceramic prostesis replacing the femoral head. Any spare positive thoughts and vibes you might have lying about will be much appreciated...

  2. Nice blog. I've been to that fair myself in the past and managed to pick up some bargains but most of the stuff is as you say overpriced in the extreme. When given a ridiculous price I am generally polite, try not to laugh and simply walk away. However if the dealer is particularly obnoxious or rude I find the best approach is this. If they are offering item X (normal market value $20) for $200, simply ask how many identical examples would they like to buy for $50 a piece. That usually stops them dead in their tracks.

    Actually, I forgot to mention it but that's EXACTLY what I said before being shown the door... To his $380.00 asking price for a British Campaign Service Medal with the clasp "PALESTINE", I offered him an entire shoe box of these medals at $100.00 each explaining all I had to do was drive for 90 minutes to Ottawa and get an entire drawer's worth from Eugene Ursual who'd probably let them go at $25 a pop since I was buying so many.

    The only true satisfaction I got that day, when he threw me out, all of his potential customers followed me out.

  3. There used to be a combination flea / antiques market in an abandonned hangar in the Old Port of Montreal, it closed a few years ago.

    I remember seeing a militaria dealer (about 20 years ago) and thought "oh wow!"... The glee soon disapeared!

    I looked at a British Campaign Service Medal with the clasp "PALESTINE", the dude was asking $380.00, I told him he had one zero too many but was told I didn't know what I was talking about... I looked at another display of his, there was a tin Luftwaffe set of NCO cap wings & cockade, he wanted $175, I nearly punched him in the mouth... The "pièce de résistance" was a $6.00 NAZI tinnie, asking price? $250.00! When I laughed, his answer was "oh, you know the real value of this stuff... Then nothing here will interest you, please leave my stall immediately".

    The SOB!!

    I think this'll turn into a very good blog for venting!

  4. Thanks guys, I passed on your wishes, she almost cracked a smile, drooled a few extra bubbles and slipped into another morphine induced semi-coma... LMAO!

    She's actually up and about with a walker. I've screwed a bicycle basket on it so I don't have to fetch stuff for her all the time and duct taped mop heads to the walker's legs, she might as well do something useful like cleaning the floor while she drags her sorry butt around the house, the lazy little darling... Imagine that "but I've got a broken femur!" How lame... Pfffft!

    I have to go now before she reads this over my shoulder and puts ME in hospital! Cheers all!

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