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  1. Dave, To plug my own site There is more on it here: www.indochinamedals.com/cambodia/cm13_medal_of_norodom_suramarit.html
  2. Hmm... It seems that Geoff Oldham doesn't offer this book anymore (so the above link is bad) - so you have to find it elsewhere.
  3. These are identified in Kampuchea Uniforms and Insignia, 1979 to 1993, by Geoffrey P. Oldham, 2007. Available at http://www.milimem.com I've ended up with these specific pins (ex-Sylvester collection), and have them also here : www.indochinamedals.com/prk/prk00_pins.html
  4. This strange variation is a concoction, of the SVN campaign medal with Rama IX 50yr anniversary badge stuck on the front and an apparent medical pin in the ribbon. Who knows what the purpose was - but it's not an issued medal like that.
  5. Jason, The victory medals are the same medal, with only the ribbon differing. I've the white metal which easily corrodes (some zinc compostion ?), and also nickel. None are in actual silver.
  6. Jason, There is some variation, but some quick spot measurement I have are : Order of the Crown: 3rd class - male: 55mm 3rd class - female: 39-41mm 4th/5th class - both male & female: 30-33mm (this is the same badge for these classes) Order of the White Elephant: 3rd class - male: 48-49mm 3rd class - female: 44-46mm 4th/5th class - both male & female: 33-36mm (this is the same badge for these classes)
  7. Jason, This is "Bradit" which is one of the makers of this medal.
  8. Alex, The second one is lower quality, but is likely made by Delande in Paris. I base this on being identical to the parts which came out of the sale-off of the Delande shop over the past couple years. This medal was issued for over 100 years, and manufactured by many manufactures, so there are many variations over time. See some variations of this medal here: www.indochinamedals.com/cambodia/cm01_royal_order_of_cambodia.html
  9. Alex, This is the second class of this order (although their is a special class above first class, so it is the third highest class as mentioned by Paul). See some attached info on the different classes. The manufacturing date is sometimes stamped on the back of the medal, and as you mention there is something in Thai. It would be either the manufacturer name or date or both. If you post this, maybe it can be confirmed. This medal was made by various manufacturers over time, and each manufacturer likely had different levels of automation at different times - I'm not sure of any specific date of converting over to machine manufacturing.
  10. Adam, This is an old post, so you've probably already discovered more on these. This is Chevalier / Knight class - having a rosette on the ribbon is the differentator to make the Officer class. The badges for both classes are the same. This medal was made for issued for nearly 85 years and manufactured by a plethora of manufactures both in France and elsewhere. So there is much variety in the medals over time and manufacturers. The differences observed with the leaves, tusks, etc, are manufacturer variations. Very early examples were silver, and later gilded silver or bronze. You example appears to be make by Bacqueville, if that is the correct box for it. In terms of "copies", I'm aware of a recently made reproduction, made in Thailand and sold in the US (plus on ebay). And also I suspect another version made in Vietnam. For several examples, see: www.indochinamedals.com/laos/ls01_order_of_the_million_elephants_and_the_white_parasol.html
  11. It's an odd combination with such a new Thai award ? Take a look on the back of the crown suspension - maybe you will find the manufacture date (usually in Thai).
  12. Hi. This is not really a medal or award - just a regular pin attached to a ribbon. I've seen them in a few places around the 'net. You can find them in Thailand easily, but without the ribbon attached. Here are a few pictures. Rgds, Dave P/S It is always good to post the pictures themselves, rather than an ebay link - ebay deletes the pictures after a few weeks, and the pictures then are no longer available by the link. These are from the ebay auction mentioned:
  13. Yes, civil sounds good, or police. I understand that the Order of the White Elephant and Order of the Crown grades typically come with rank ? Some people will also wear just a single award as the second item. You see this occasionally in government offices (also look around when you arrive at Thai immigration upon arrival at the airport next time). The Order of Symbolic Propitiousness Ramakeerati Boy Scout Citation Medal (Special Class) is quite a rare senior scout award - I've never even seen one, or a ribbon, or even a picture except in the government medal books (and web). (There could be one in the Grand Palace Museum) Rgds, Dave
  14. Noor, Some updates: 1 - Order of the White Elephant, 4th Class 2 - Order of the Crown of Thailand, 4th Class 4 - Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Dec 5, 1999 5 - Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the 72nd Birthday Anniversary of HM Queen Sirikit BTW, The Order of Symbolic Propitiousness Ramakeerati Boy Scout Citation Medal (Special Class) has a green edge instead of blue. It has a higher order of precedence than the OWE, 4th Class. Rgds, Dave
  15. I'd be really keen to get a copy of this booklet if anyone has it - English or French. Also see my site: www.indochinamedals.com/prk/index.html
  16. For Laos and Cambodian ODM see : www.indochinamedals.com
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