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  1. Thank you for the link, Colin. Have not been around the forum in a while and just saw the below post. It would have been nice to have someone still around with the 70th anniversary of the plot approaching. RIP Clarita.
  2. Terrific addition, Colin. Congrats. Sad indeed. I had not heard. Thanks to you, my friend, I can echo that last sentiment. RIP.
  3. Very nice piece, Colin. I love those award docs! Thank you very much for sharing it with the forum.
  4. I read that as Wehrbezirkskommando Kempten finding him unfit for service as of 10th July 1944.
  5. Colin, I just found my new favorite thread! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your collection. And thank you for the biographical pieces as well. A wealth of material here. Thank you again for sharing these with us, my friend. Paul
  6. Hi Chris, Perhaps one day the missing pieces to this man's service will surface. I have seen it happen a few times. I might try and make a WASt request for further information. I know that they ordinarily do not release information to non-family, but it is worth a try. :)
  7. Hello Chris, Thank you for chiming in. I appreciate the response.
  8. Hi Rick, So that is what a Schieferspalter is. Thank you very much. You make a very good point regarding his rank. I recall reading that the great majority of NCOs (at least in the case of the Feldgendarmerie) were recruited from within the existing Police NCO ranks. I am not sure, however, if S.A. men would receive the similar benefit of having their ranks honored upon transitioning to the Polizei. It certainly sounds reasonable. Do you have any idea which unit this man could have possibly served with at the time of his death?
  9. Hello Fellas, I recently acquired a Wehrpass to a man that served in the Polizei. The Polizei Dienstpass, unfortunately, was not part of the acquisition. The only details of this man's service that I have are limited to those contained in the Wehrpass and the information provided via the Volksbund. I wish to somehow determine, if possible, which of the Polizei Regimenter this man may have served with at the time of his death. Info from the Wehrpass: Wehrpass issued from Wehrbezirkskommando Koblenz on February 15, 1938. (Wehrbezirkskommando Koblenz was located within Wehrkreis XII) The man, Philipp Pinger, was born February 9, 1912 in the municipality of Welling, which is in Western Germany. Philipp's father, Josef, was a miner. Philipp's civilian occupation is listed as Schieferspalter? I am not familiar with that term. Philipp was a recipient of the SA Sportabzeichen. He was found fit for combat duty on October 31, 1939 and classified as untrained, not called up, under age 35. In an entry dated February 21, 1940, it appears that Philipp chose to enter the Schutzpolizei instead of active military duty. Info from the German War Graves Site: Rank at death: Polizei-Zugwachtmeister Date of Death: March 12, 1944 Place of Death: Northwest of Newel, Russia http://www.traveljournals.net/explor...057/newel.html Buried: Sebesh, Russia http://www.maplandia.com/russia/psko...-rayon/sebezh/ I believe his place of death puts him within the operating zone of Army Group North. Well, that's about it. I will post images of each page in the Wehrpass that contains any writing. I will also post a screen shot from the German War Graves site. If anyone could help me determine or at least narrow the possible Polizei units that Philipp served with at the time of his death, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. Those are Cossack soldiers. The items in question are ornamental cartridges.
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