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  1. Thank you for the additional information! I do like citations for saving others. When I have time I will try to translate the description in full. May take some time for me but will post when I have it So no downgrade by the commissar, I just assumed since there is a "bravery medal" written over the citation. Any idea why they would hand out a medal instead when an order were approved? best regards
  2. Almost precisely 10 years has passed since I stopped collecting. I quit completely, no collecting at all and not much time given to anything militaria related. But this spring I found myself at a militaria fair, got an impulse, bought a Soviet award. Guess I am hoked again. I realise some of the people I spoke to ten years ago are or may be gone. I really apreciated all the help back then. Now that I am back I understand the possibilitys researching awards changed thanks to podvig site. Did a search on this old bravery medal and found him. I will Post what I got to try to put a good end to this old thread. Karl Petrovich Sprogis - Born 1899 Rank: Private In the Red Army since 08.1941 Place of recruitment: Сабинский РВК, Татарская АССР, Сабинский р-н Place of service: 92 сп 201 сд ЗапФ Feat date: 20.12.1941,21.12.1941 Award citation in attachment. Recommended for Order of the Red Banner!! but downgraded to Bravery Medal. Guess the Commisar did not agree to the recommendation. Any help translating the feat would be much appreciated, my russian are no good Karl later received the defence of moscow medal, granted 31st august 1945 in Riga. No other awards given. Still unsure why he received the bravery medal in 1945 for a feat done in 1941 and signed for in Jan 42. Could have been a POW but I do not know how to proceed to find this information. /Erik Close up on citation
  3. You can send me a pm or just ask here on the forum. I'm sure You will get input from more than just me. Erik
  4. Luckily, Japanese medals and orders are not faked a lot. It is actually harder to find fakes than originals (don't know about the ww1 wictory medal though). Well made fakes are rare. Then there are repros of the super high classes that are quite well done but that is only because of the rarity and value. If in doubt about a medal or order, post it here on the forum. Someone will most likely know. /Erik
  5. Rising Sun 6th cl before 1940 Sacred Treasure 8th cl WW1 period
  6. Nice one! These badges are really well done. Here is one with a low number. /Erik
  7. Yes, it is rare but like You said, that is a lot of money. I would rather have 10 ordinary orders than one rare variation. But then I'm not a pronounced variation collector. I guess I don't know the thrill it gives to find one of these rare variations. It sure is nice but not that nice! Erik
  8. Nothing surprises me anymore. Patriotic war order 2nd class #123574 sold for US $1,825.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/Soviet-Order-of-Patrio...t=1218466775015 /Erik
  9. This one just arrived. Got it for 145$ on Ebay. A fair price in my opinion (uncut ring and dirty worn original ribbon). Medals with lower number will be going for more. Bought one earlier this year from a dealer for 175$ #274xxx /Erik
  10. Item number: 320215451016 I can understand if it was to reunite a group or someone saw his grandfathers award on Ebay but there were 5 bidders placing really high bids on i. It's just crazy. /Erik
  11. Order of Patriotic War 2nd cl #928652 sold on Ebay for US $784.52 Must have been a very special order... /Erik
  12. Thanks! Will write this down and save. I was hoping that only one or two familys used this mon, only found the Ii family on the internet. It is nice to have a name to connect the sword to. /Erik
  13. Just saw that on another forum it has been translated to Nagai. Maybe his first name? If it is, that would be very interesting. /Erik
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