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  1. Does anyone have any comments or opions concerning the reality of this piece?
  2. Anyone have any comments on the reality of this piece?
  3. I know the ring is wrong, but how about the cross itself? Any opinions?
  4. Could someone please post a photograph of a genuine Memorial Medal of Honor of the Republic of China Military Assistance Group to the Republic of Vietnam? Thank you.
  5. One more toy to leave to my granddaughter.
  6. I have a couple of Friedlanders in my collection, but these two are far and away the nicest. I hope I look as good as the EK1 does when I'm that old. NGL
  7. My newest toys. A matched set of Friedlanders.
  8. Does anyone have a clue about what this is?
  9. I need some advise, Gentlemen. My granddaughter collects wound badges from different countries. A friend of mine owes me about seventy-five bucks. He has offered me a prinzengross Gold WW1 would badge, as partial payment on the money he owes me. I would like to get it for a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, but neither of us knows what one would be worth. Can anyone pleased give me a ballpark idea of what one would be worth? It's hollow; not solid. Thanks for your help concerning this inquiry.
  10. Would a "Defense Sector" device be the proper device for a US Veteran to wear on his Victory Medal, if he'd never left the United States?
  11. What's the story with this one? Is it real? Is it a fake? An early example or made last week for Medals of America? Please advise.
  12. Enquiring minds want to know: Is it real or is it a fake? Please advise prior to June 20th. Thanks.
  13. Thank you Gentlemen, for your information. I certainly do appreciate it. Take care and a happy Father's Day to the both of you. Nick.
  14. Would this have been awarded to Soviet "advisors" during the Vietnam War? Thanks for any information concerning this question.
  15. Indeed they did. Unfortunately they seem to have learned most of what they knew about interrogating suspects and prisoners from the Japanese. They were mean a$$kickers in combat though.
  16. Quite a few actually. At their peek they had about fifty thousand boots on the ground. About three hundred thousand all total; about five thousand died. As for numbers, they were the 2nd. largest, after the US, in-country. They showed up in late '65 with an infantry division and a marine brigade.
  17. Thanks again, Dave. You just saved me about seventy-five bucks. I can see where Lao awards wouldn't be a big mover. I wouldn't want one myself were it not for a small project that I'm working on. Anyway, thanks again, and take care. Nick.
  18. Thanks, Dave. This is listed on evilBay for $109:00, OBO. I am somewhat leery about buying something from Estonia, especially something that cost that much. Best Regards, Nick.
  19. Is this real or is it bogus? Please advise. Thank you.
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