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  1. God bless the Scotsman who realized that peat and whiskey should be mated

  2. Hmm. Given the outrageous price on eBay and the speculation of "real" or "fake" or "stolen" - I'd steer clear even though I think it's an interesting piece. Too many warning flags at this point.
  3. Very interesting piece; I suppose for the August 1991 coup attempt which finally brought the collapse of the USSR. Even if it isn't genuine and if it wasn't too much $, I'd snag it simply as a curiosity piece. And if you find reference to it as an official medal, all the better then... I will keep my eyes open for such a piece, but haven't see anything like it; the St. George reverse is certainly eye-catching.
  4. I did a search of GMIC on "Belarus" and found several topics on badges from post-Soviet Union period, but not this Medal for the 60th Anniv of the Liberation from Fascism. I've seen this medal on the ribbon bars of active-duty Belarus officers.
  5. This is another Soviet ribbon bar that makes me wonder if it's "made up". One ribbon is reversed (30th GPW); and there is a ribbon for later award (60th Armed Forces) that if are accurate would make one wonder where are the previous jubilee medals. Caucasus and Konigsburg are unusual combo; along with both Victory over Germany and Japan. Bravery Medal Military Merit Medal Medal for Defense of Caucasus Medal for Victory over Germany Medal 30 Years Victory GPW (reversed) Medal for Victory over Japan Medal Capture of Konigsburg Medal Veteran of Labor Medal 60
  6. This veteran's badge was interesting to me because of it's construction from all brass instead of the usual "cheap" aluminum. Also, the Stalingrad connection and the unusual range of dates "1925-1946-1975" On the reverse shows that it's a veteran's badge of the 31st Stalingrad Rifle Division, which made the XXX - 30 - number odd to me on the suspension. I then figured out that this was produced at the 30th anniversary of the GPW Victory - thus the colors of the suspension - rather than the number of the Division. But the significance of 1925 and 1946 still eluded me until I found info in t
  7. Picked these up this weekend at the Yerevan flea market. 10 Year Impeccable Service fills that hole. The Belarus 60Yr Anniv. was a nice addition for a country that wasn't yet represented in my vault. The veteran's badge will have further comments in the Soviet forum - unique in that it is all brass and not the aluminum norm. The ribbon bar was a "gift" from a guy I've been buying from regularly - more on that in the Soviet forum too.
  8. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/10/AR2010091002712.html
  9. Very nice. And the MiD and CdG - even more impressive. I'm surprised, however, that for such an action Pvt Morris wouldn't have been decorated with more than a MiD; is this normal for the period? Why not Military Medal worthy?
  10. Good questions Tim. And thanks for bringing the thread back to life. I have a question to add - are all Signum Laudis engraved on the edge with the recipient (ala British medals of the period)? I suspect this was by exception. But curious to read what others have to write. (But if so, I can't wait to get home and dig these out of the safe deposit box and see who I have!)
  11. Noor you always get the pretty bars! This Irishman only finds the other bars. :cheers:
  12. Kirk - having a look at the photos would be great! Also of the Soldbuch. The piece I own for this Regiment is a veteran's medal - in a few months when I get home I could share a photo it as well
  13. Ferdinand - thanks for the assist with the name; curious about the nickname. Mervyn - A NY Times article from May 1988 reported that the Soviet Government announced that 13,310 soldiers had been killed, 35,478 wounded in Afghanistan between Dec 1979 and May 1988 - 8 1/2 years. I have read that at the peak there were between 100,000 and 115,000 Soviet troops in Afghanistan. From NATO's website: Since NATO took command of ISAF in 2003, the Alliance has gradually expanded the reach of its mission, originally limited to Kabul, to cover all of Afghanistan’s territory. Accordingly, the num
  14. Sergio - thanks again! Wonderful information. Do you happen to know what Division or Front this artillery brigade supported during WWII?
  15. The inside of the Afghan Grateful People document
  16. The Grateful Afghan People document - in two languages.
  17. Warrior Internationalist document cover; this is a large size document.
  18. I already had the Soviet Warrior Internationalist Medal, but with the wrong ribbon; so, I was looking to upgrade to the correct ribbon. Today I came across the medal and luckily it also had the document. Along with it was the Medal from a Grateful Afghan People and its document. A perfect upgrade. PS: If anyone is looking for these medals, I now have two extra - but as I said, the Warrior Internationalist has the wrong ribbon. PM if curious.
  19. Sergio - thank you very much for this information! Very interesting that even a far away logistical base unit had high awards and a veteran badge.
  20. I knew Chip could solve the mystery. I see the 111 too... But still think it could be a cypher that hasn't revealed itself yet. And Chip - I haven't seen an "M" shoulder strap in my meager resources. Can you answer the question: Is an "M" even realistically possible?
  21. Chris, that's exactly my problem; at first I saw "28". Then I can see the "x" in the middle of the M. Then it's back to something else. That's why I think it's a cypher. Are there even such a thing as a "M" shoulder straps?
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