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  1. Hello Linasl, I think it's the regimental badge of the "1° régiment de tirailleurs algériens" (natives infantry). Noir 7
  2. Hi, 1-Officier de la Légion d'honneur 2-croix de Guerre 1914-1918 3-Croix de Guerre des Théâtres d'opérations extérieurs 4-Médaille Coloniale 5-Médaille interalliée de la Victoire 6-Médaille commémorative 1914-1918 7-Croix du Combattant 8-Médaille commémorative de Syrie-Cilicie (for campaigns in Syria 1920-1926) 9-Médaille commémorative d'Orient (for campaigns in the Middle East 1916-1918) 10-Insigne des Blessés (Wounded Badge) 11-Commandeur de l'ordre du dragon d'Annam (Vietnam, but I'm not so sure...) 12-Officier de l'ordre du Puissam Alaouite (Morocco) 13-Chevalier de l'ordre
  3. Hello, I think the right caption is 162 au jus et la fuite pour la 27/2. Young people were belonging to an age group, named "la classe", 20 years after their birth, and then incorporated every peers month. Talking about his National Service, a young French said "I belong to the 27/2 class" (j'appartiens à la classe 27/2) meaning: "I have done my National Service in 1927 and have been incorporated in February (or maybe in the second wave, in April)". Regards Noir 7
  4. Hello Roeland, I'm not a specialist for kepis, but this one seems really strange... Do you have other pictures? kind regards, Noir 7
  5. Hello, As far as I know, there wasn't any hussars regiment in the imperial guard during the 2d Empire. Noir 7
  6. I recently received those two German medals. I'm not a specialist for this country. Could someone confirm me if they are good or not. 1- Mecklenburg-Schwerin, MVK2 1914 Thanks Noir 7
  7. I think you made a small mistake: after WW2 there were 4 maréchaux de france, 1 alive (Juin) and 3 posthumeous (Leclerc, de Lattre and Koenig). Best regards, Noir 7
  8. I Have made somme additions/corrections in red. Noir 7 tekst_document_orde_reunie_with_additions.doc
  9. It is the badge of the military firemen's brigade of Paris.
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