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  1. Hello! You mean "Gmünd". It was called Schwäbisch-Gmünd since 1934. Van Daalen worked in Gmünd from July 1, 1897 until 1920. That doesn´t help... But that means, he was no Krankenwärter in the Garde-Corps.
  2. Here is the new uniform (Friedensuniform) of a Krankanwärter of the guard-corps (note: no Litzen and no strap at the cap!):
  3. Hello! That´s right. But what about NCO schools? They had blank shoulder straps with brandneburg cuffs. But I´m not sure, if they had their own medical staff. We have to know, where the photo was taken, please. Krankenwärter also had blank shoulder straps with brandenburg cuffs: (Guard NO Litzen!) But they had a strap at the cap.
  4. Hello! In that book, only a Heinrich Richard Clemens Kirchner is mentioned. Emplyee of the "Bagdad-Bahn" (Bagdad rail). War volunteer. He served 1901-04 in saxon Ul.Rgt.17. He joined the expedition Feb.1, 1915. Died in France Nov. 29, 1918.
  5. AH, ok! Yes of course. I didn´t know the britsh abrreviation... In german it is "Dienstauszeichnungskreuz". (DAK) That could fit too! Thanks a lot! So again: 1) EKII 2) RAO4x 3) DAK 4) prussian 70/71 medal 5) prussian 1866 medal 6) maybe prussian 1864 medal (see below) 7) MMV2 8 ) maybe Mecklenburg 1848/49 medal (see below) Could we use this for a research? I bet we could find him in 80, 81 or 82. In ranklist 1879 I found: Major Meyer (Inf.Rgt.75) : EKII, DAK, MMV2 Major v. Lehsten (Inf.Rgt.31) : EKII, DAK, MMV2 Mayve they received RAO4x later?
  6. Hi all! That´s not so easy... IF we have yellow pipings and a Mecklenburg cross and the pic was taken in Schwerin, we should have IXth Army corps without a Mecklenburg regiment. In 1883 we had the following structure: IX.Army Corps 17.Inf.Div. with: Inf.Rgt.75, Inf.Rgt.76, Ldw.Rgt.75, Ldw.Rgt.76, Gren.Rgt.89, Füs.Rgt.90, Ldw.Rgt.89, Ldw.Rgt.90 18.Inf.Div. with: Inf.Rgt.84, Füs.Rgt.86, Ldw.Rgt.84, Inf.Rgt.31, Inf.Rgt.85, Ldw.Rgt.85, Res.Ldw.Rgt.86 No matches in the ranklists 1879 and 1883. Unfortunately I don´t have the ranklists 1880-1882 Back to the medals. Laurentius: What do you mean with LS-decoration? I see 8 decorations. 1) EKII 2) RAO4x 3) maybe KO (see below) 4) prussian 70/71 medal 5) prussian 1866 medal 6) maybe prussian 1864 medal (see below) 7) MMV2 8 ) maybe Mecklenburg 1848/49 medal (see below) In order to the regulations, N°3 might be a Kronen-Orden, N°6 the prussian 1864 medal and N°8 the Mecklenburg 1848/49 medal, but that´s just a guess... N°3 could also be a Militär-Ehrenzeichen 1.KL.: https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/militar-ehrenzeichen-1-klasse-1864.html or Militär-Verdienstkreuz: https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/militar-verdienstkreuz-1864.html Both crosses were awarded to NCOs. Does that fit to our man??? If not, it must be a KO! Note, that the medals 48/49, 64, 66, 70/71 are not mentioned in the ranklists! So, IF I´m right, we have to look for a staff officer with EKII, RAO4x, KO and MMV2 Here are the regulations:
  7. Hello! It´s not a Schwerin regiment. They had different helmets. What about the cuffs pipings? Until 1890 we only had 15 army corps. Some of them had no pipings, some white, some yellow, some blue pipings. What do you think? It´s not white... So we have the following corps: II, IV, VI, VIII (none) IX, XI (yellow) X, XV (blue) Unfortunately a lot of staff officers in that time had EKII and RAO4...
  8. Hi Matt! Well, Hans Berr was k.i.a. 6 Apr. 1917, v. Hausen died 15 Jul. 1917 after he was shot down March 16. I couldn´t find a pilot Artur Oertel.
  9. Because there was no-.one in the FAR11 ranklist 1914 and ranklist of honour, it seems he became officer during the war.
  10. Hello David! Yes, thank you! Everything´s all right again. But I´m sorry. I´ve got the regimental histories of 12 and 14, not from 11. Sorry, my fault. The Ranklist of honour has: 1) Captain Müldner v. Mülnheim (4th Garde-Inf.brig.), later Major a.D. 2) Captain Müldner v. Mülnheim (Füs.Rgt.39), later Oberstleutnant a.D.
  11. Hello! Austrians with german naval soldiers. Does the first sitting German wear a Fez? Maybe the photo was taken in the Austrian war harbour Pola https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pula
  12. Hello Mattyboy! You bought it... I saw it too, but I forgot to bet... Nice photo! I wonder about the Bluse! Anyway it looks like postwar, doesn't it? Because of the wound badge it's a late photo And he's got a sweet girl! Here is Prinz Heinrich XXXXI from Reuss
  13. Wow! Great photos!!!! What´s the right shoulder strap? 20? Then it would be bav, 20th Pionier-Comp. from bav. 10th Inf.Div. The left one wears bav. 8th Res.Div. and the right one 21st corps and Heeresgruppe Carl
  14. Oh, that wasn´t a good idea... Showing ebay articles like this in forums will force-up the price... A good idea, if you are the seller...😁
  15. Hi! I assume the medic badge is the collar badge of a "Landsturmpflichtiger Arzt". Photo from our "Feldgrau-Forum":
  16. Hello ArHo! Well, FAR74 was part of 8th Inf.Div. June 12, 1917 they held the sector north-east of Loos. No particular battles, but heavy losses by British attacks. FAR79 was located near Lens. The regimental history mentioned nothing according to a Sturmtrupp. In the back left I see an infantry man with a monogram upon the shoulder straps. Infantry of 8th.ID were: 72, 93 and 153. 93 and 153 had monograms. The regimental histories of 93 and 153 doesn´t mention anything for that date. There were several reccon patrols of the division in summer 1917, but nothing special mentioned for that date.
  17. Hello! Are you talking about my photo? Here is a little bit better scan:
  18. Hello! This time wiki was right, but please, don´t ask Wiki... The are so much different views, so I only look in books. This one is from the book "Vom Stahlhelm zum Gefechtshelm" (Baer)
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