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  1. Hello to everyone, Tom Yanacek helped me restore this one. Thanks Tom Dean
  2. Rick, Thank you for at least looking at it. I will try to get a back pic of this bar and post it. I agree that after 130 years with hook medal bars that things can get replaced or changed, but it looked good to me at the show. Paul R, thanks for comment, I still think this a great bar. Dean
  3. Hey Rick, I picked this bar up in the past year and wanted you to take a look at it Thank you Dean
  4. Tom, I think this an amazing bar. Well worth research, I think there is a story behind this bar that needs researched and discussed. Dean
  5. Hey Tom, I figured that this bar was too common to ID, but I thought I would try anyways. Here is another bar with a finnish award. Dean
  6. Rick, Thank you for looking at it. I thought would be close to impossible to ID this bar, but I wanted to try. Thanks Rick........ Dean
  7. Rick, Thank you for looking at it. I have no information on this medal and was hoping someone could shed some light on where it came from. Dean
  8. Hello to everyone, I picked this bar up at OVMS show last weekend. It has a commemorative medal on it that I have not seen. Has anyone seen this medal before? Dean
  9. Rick, I was hoping you would get the 4th class rolls. I wanted to try to ID this bar, but it is probably to common. Dean
  10. Hello to everyone, I picked this up at an OVMS show this past weekend. It appears to be from Hesse. Just wanted to share. Dean
  11. saschaw and Ulsterman, I had to dig through some records but this bar was bought from hagekna41. I bought two bars from him one was a Bavarian which has already been outed as a fake and this one. Luckily I kept records of who I bought things from. Dean
  12. Hello to everyone, So, this bar would be issued to an enlisted man who never left Germany? Dean
  13. Hello to everyone, I have a medal bar that I always just liked the way it looks. It is not rare and not named to anyone. Does anyone have anything that they just like the way it looks? Dean
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