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  1. Tom, I think this an amazing bar. Well worth research, I think there is a story behind this bar that needs researched and discussed. Dean
  2. Hey Tom, I figured that this bar was too common to ID, but I thought I would try anyways. Here is another bar with a finnish award. Dean
  3. Rick, Thank you for looking at it. I thought would be close to impossible to ID this bar, but I wanted to try. Thanks Rick........ Dean
  4. Rick, Thank you for looking at it. I have no information on this medal and was hoping someone could shed some light on where it came from. Dean
  5. Hello to everyone, I picked this bar up at OVMS show last weekend. It has a commemorative medal on it that I have not seen. Has anyone seen this medal before? Dean
  6. Rick, I was hoping you would get the 4th class rolls. I wanted to try to ID this bar, but it is probably to common. Dean
  7. Hello to everyone, I picked this up at an OVMS show this past weekend. It appears to be from Hesse. Just wanted to share. Dean
  8. saschaw and Ulsterman, I had to dig through some records but this bar was bought from hagekna41. I bought two bars from him one was a Bavarian which has already been outed as a fake and this one. Luckily I kept records of who I bought things from. Dean
  9. Hello to everyone, So, this bar would be issued to an enlisted man who never left Germany? Dean
  10. Hello to everyone, I have a medal bar that I always just liked the way it looks. It is not rare and not named to anyone. Does anyone have anything that they just like the way it looks? Dean
  11. Paul, Thank you for the nice comment. I have done some research and the Order of the White Elephant is a 5th class or "Member" Order. I assume it went to a diplomat working in Thailand. I would love to have it ID'd but I think the rank lists only list officers (I maybe mistaken). I don't think that this bar was to an officer, but again I maybe mistaken. If you have any suggestions on how I could ID this bar, please let me know. Dean
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