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  1. Thanks for sharing again, David. it is a text book collection.
  2. very impressive collections thanks for sharing, David
  3. Thanks Bob, I bought a few other lots of Mongolian medals and badges, two of them are low serious numbers. The final prices of some items seem reasonable, made me felt like good old days.
  4. Hi Guys, please help with this one bought from a recent auction. there is no mint mark, is it authentic? There is another sold at a higher price with a mint mark. I didn't win on this one Just release that No.136 is the one on our textbook...I should have offered higher price.
  5. Thanks Sampo, It is very helpful, I bought this from a second hand shop for 30 Australian dollars. The fun part is always trying to find out the story behind the medal. Regards, Lingqi
  6. Lingqi

    Translation please

    very cool medal. It is an eye candy to me.
  7. I couldn't read what is on the medal, please help. Based on the wear and tear, the metal seems broze with silver plated. Is it rare? Thanks
  8. I saw that book on ebay too. It reminds me of good old days hunting Mongolian medals without knowing the background. Sometimes it is more exciting if there is mystery.
  9. Really, it seems very good quality? How possible? People making these fakes need to sell a good volume to make money. I was going to make an offer to the seller....
  10. type 1.3.2 more of these are on ebay now for the price around USD1000. Low serious number under 1000. not sure if these is fair price...
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