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    OK Don, here are the fronts and backs of the pins you requested.....and yes, Mr Keen Eyes, one of them is gold---I didn't take pics because it is exactly like the one I've posted.




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    and the hallmark, other than the Ges. Gesch. on the stickpin is an "F" above a "B" in a vertical rectangle. Someone out there will know who this is/was.




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    Onward with a different maker mark.


    Don, if and when you should desire to use this for your excellent

    section on differing maker marks I will give a go at providing a sharper image.

    I did see a gilt version at a show, however being out of funds I did not inquire.

    The dealer knew it was not often seen. What would be the value of a gilt example

    should it hapen to be there next year? :unsure:

    Thanks for looking and commenting on the odds and ends I have posted.

    My sincere thanks to all who contribute.








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    On 26/08/2022 at 20:56, --dj--Joe said:

    There is a gilt version of this badge isn't there?



    Hi Joe,


    Sorry for my late reply, I had to wait until I had time to remove the double images in the thread caused by software updates & to look through my files to see if i had ever managed to obtain one of these pins....


    Here after many years is my Aurich version, & as Matthew says there were indeed gold grades as shown my Mike's worn version at the top of the thread.  Another one that I have yet to track down....







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