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    Hello Gerd,

    military shoulder boards from army personal from 1943 to 1948 are five sided. (Post 7)

    After 1948 the army switched to the trapeze style (six-sided military shoulder boards). (Post 3)

    Navy personal shoulder boards and general officer shoulder boards from 1943 - 1948 are six-sided.

    After 1948 all the military shoulder boards are six-sided.



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    Hello Gerd,

    I think your last shoulder board are not soviet ones. The last pair looks chinese, but not sure.

    There are two good web sites, about soviet uniforms and shoulder boards.

    One about civil uniforms and shoulder boards (miner, civil shipping, transport ..)


    one about military uniforms.

    I try to find them .......

    best regards


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    Guest Rick Research

    Are those SILKY boards in post #7, not metallic?

    First pair for Junior Lieutenants to Captains of Armor or Artillery

    Second pair same ranks for Infantry, both M1943

    Can you scan the button in #9 first pair closer? Those look German something, with Soviet style stars.

    The last pair is Red Chinese, marked 1986. I don't know if the star belongs on theire, but the character is used for People's Liberation Army.

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    Guest Rick Research

    The "German" style board is still a mystery to me. The button's crossed Moisin-Nagant rifles suggests Russian, and perhaps some version of VOKhR ("BOXP") internal guards for everything from Gulag camps to public buildings. The wreath they are in makes me think this is related to some sort of shooting/hunting organization.

    I can read Russian, but my computer cannot.

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