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    Guest Rick Research


    Too bad that crown is in the way-- can you tell if there is a small white center stripe? If there is, the 1911 Jubilee Medal with white enamel instead of silver bullion stripes (though God knows what the crown is supposed to signify)...

    or perhaps something from the Rumanian branch of the Hohenzollern family.

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    here is a close up - thats all whats visible - hope it help a bit.

    yes, rumania - this was a thought of a friend, too.

    but we didn't find anything matching.

    and the crown is added very well to the bar (so i don't think that someone put it on top for "upgrading" it)

    but to my knowledge it have to be foreign, no german award i know would fit.

    but what ... i really don't know!

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    Guest Rick Research

    Christian-- I see RED under there-- a HINDENBURG CROSS!!! Xs must have come off, and somebody attached a crown over the red stripe? Glued on? Or?....

    That is a magnificent assirtment of lapel enamel!!! love.giflove.giflove.gif

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    I don't think these were ever really replacements, per se. There's certainly no shortage of lapel chains from WW2 around.... the Evil One himself has a whonkin' huge one with 6 or 7 20mm. minis on it! I think these were a very expensive, yet elegant personal fashion statement. I recognize a couple of Chet's ;>)! Just missed a couple in Germany the other day. They're rather hard to find!! Nice stuff Christian & Chet!

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