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    Soviet Mystery Jacket

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    I have thoughts, but they aren't very encouraging. Shall await a more expert diagnosis.

    I would not advise spending much money for this on the basis of the "medal" or the ribbon bar.

    Hello Ed,

    Mind sharing those thoughts? I don't mind if they aren't very encouraging. As said, I don't know ... about Soviet awards but the Jacket just looks impressive. It's advertised as belonging to a Vet of the Afghan war who defected..

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    While I'd rather await those more expert than I, let me observe:

    1- Rule #1 - "Buy the item, not the story." Without A LOT of proof (=documents), I run far and fast from anything with an obviously invented fantasy story like this one. While there were defectors (the play "Nanawati"/film "The Beast" has some roots in reality), most defectors were pretty promptly dealt with by Afghan women seeking badal/revenge.

    2- The medal is, of course, a (fake) Hero of the Soviet Union. The ribbon bar is: October Revolution, Service to Motherland 3rd class, Service to Motherland 3rd class, Order of Glory, Bravery Medal, Bravery Medal, Lenin Centennial, Armed Forces Veteran (reversed), Armed Forces 70th Jubilee, 20 Years Service. This seems a fantasy of mammoth proportions.

    Not very good at badges from memory, so I'll leave this for others.

    Stinks, stinks, stinks.

    Just my 30,000 Afghanis worth . . . Ed

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    Hello Ed,

    Thanks for your Afghanis :P

    Well, honesty forces me to say that the seller didn't claim that the vet actually defected from Afghanistan. Just that he was in Afghanistan for 3 years, had a long military career, and defected in 1992.

    I've sent him an email to see for further evidence/paper work. Let's see how evasive he gets on that eh :P

    Looking forward to hear from these experts if these medals even would be at all possible in this combo??


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    For my 2-cents worth... I don't like the uniform(what I can see of it) or it's made-up ribbon bars. The badges look like they were just thrown on as an after thought. As for the uniform, would you ask the seller for a picture of the full jacket? I'll know more about the uniform , while mentally blocking out the ribbons and badges, I I could see the whole jacket. As for your question whether this combination of ribbons would be possible I'd have to say no due to the fact that there is a 70th anniversary of the Armed Forces and no 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th anniversary medals. Throw in the backwards made Veterans of Military Service ribbon. It all just doesn't add up. I am sorry to to have had to join Ed and Gerd against the uniform. However, we don't want you to make a purchase that you would regret later.

    :beer: Doc

    Edited by Riley1965
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    I think, it is neither a genuine SU uniform jacket, nor do the badges & ribbons make any sense at all and the dealer's story is a bad joke :mad: .

    It seems do be a ordinary working jacket made out of denim fabrics. Also it is not cut like a military jacket. These - rather crude - fabrics were only used in the SU for so called "working-dress-uniforms", which were introduced in the late 60's. I have such a uniform - fresh from the stock - in my collection, but the usual colour of such army working clothes was always "sand" and I have never seen an example in green or grey.

    So, they badges, ribbons & the copy of the HSU can be purchased at any of the well known dealers for about USD 50,- up to USD 100,- (depends on the quality of the HSU-copy). The jacket you might get at any factory for motors or vehicles, if you "donate" USD 5,- to a worker leaving the gate ;) .

    Best regards

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    Mebbe someone might want to look up the book listing our beloved HSU's for any defecting to Afghanistan. That should really narrow it down...... Mebbe Ed is right, the jakcet is all that is left of our "hero" after the Afghani women got to him!

    love4history...no offence at my comments please. Just that this jacket is not history. Don't love it.


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    Goodmorning gentlemen,

    Thank you for your expert advise! Seller hasn't replied to my questions on the origin of the jacket (surprise surprise :cheeky: ) If he does come up with something I'll definitely let you know. Will try to get hold of other pictures.

    Don't worry, I didn't intend to buy this item. IMO If you don't know anything about the specialty it's better to buy from a safe source anyway. Was just curious :)

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