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    Silver Wound Badge(mm65)

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    I think that could be good example of a 65 maker... although the reverse detail is not as sharp as I am used to seeing... I will look at my badge more closely when I get home tonight.

    Here is mine for example(bottom).

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    Sorry...I would say it is fake.It lacks detail and the line on top of badge are give aways. also 65

    does not look right.You might also find rust on the hinge plate where pin goes.

    What do you think Ronny....Here are a couple of my 65s

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    Is there any rust on the hingr plate where pin goes through the hingr plate.

    Can I have closer look at the makers mark 65 on a good 65.My 65 is all locked up.

    my late 65 is 30.41 grams and early is 20.45 grams(FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW THE LATE IS THICKER AND IS WEIGHS MORE)Late size is 37.10x43.36.Early is 36.86x43.03

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