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    Guest Rick Research

    Here is infantry Hauptmann der Landwehr I K. Wilkenh?ner (the one and only of that particularly literally unique name), mailed from Hohenberg/K?ln 26 July 1915 to a child named Rudi Landwehr, with greetings to his baby brother Werner and oh yes dad the Reverend and mom too, currently at the Hotel Nollmann in Bad Rothenfelde.

    "Here's my horse, on which I do my field duty exercises. The dog belongs to a friend and often runs alongside my horse..."

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    Guest Rick Research

    Teeny, tiny... wandering unattended? :speechless1:

    No way to really tell gender in those days of uni-sex toddler attire, but Little He/She has got either a bad tootache (too little for teeth?) or mumps!!! :speechless1:

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    probably made char. Major. d.L. at wars end but so far have been unable to find that promotion.

    Herr Wilkenh?ner was a Kreisschulinspektor in Lennep by profession. Originally commiss?oned into F?silier-Regiment Nr. 36

    Sekonde-Lieutenant/Leutnant d.R.: 15.12.94 Q

    Oberleutnant d.R.: 22.4.05 Hh

    Hauptmann d.L.: 19.7.13



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