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    Looks very similar to the crown found on the lids of the Brunswick House Order Merit Medals.

    As it says Hofjuwelier and Gera, I suppose there should be something Reussian in there, but that's obvious or am I wrong?

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    Your eyes are better than mine David, I couldn't even read the maker mark in the lid! It does however give an impression of a round tray in the bottom of the case.... anybody else see this? But the ring (?se) impression looks rather odd...

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    I agree with the Brunswick comparison; but would like to raise two points in doing so. First, the inset gold border is typical of most Henry the Lion cases, with the exception of the medals and merit crosses. Also, the crown on Brunswick cases tend to be a little squatter (is that a word?) than the one on the case in question.

    Then of course, we have to remember that there were medal/order makers and jewelers and that there were also case makers. So sometimes there are confusing overlaps. Shown below is such a case (no pun intended).

    Sure, it?s a typical Brunswick house order case - even has most of a Brunswick case maker?s label on the bottom.

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