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    one of the more interesting bars for the franco-prussian war ...

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    As the colonial sector was more or less calm the last time for me and i had a little spare time i went today to a dealer in my area with the hope to spend some money :cheers:

    And this is what i purchased from Uwe Bretzendorfer :love::love::love:

    With the 3 inofficial ones its a real TREASURE!

    Never seen a bar with 3 inofficial clasps and in such a well made quality - increadible!

    And i guess a very good start into the various official and better inoffical clasps of the 1870/71 medal.

    I guess you can imagine who good i feel at the moment :D

    Hope you like it as well. Christian

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    Yes, different metals will age differently. To my eyes, the bottom 3 bars look like they were added after the fact. look closely at the pebbled background of the top 2, then the bottom 3.... Look at the age, staining, dirt in the top 2... nothing visible like that on the bottom 3 from this photo. Looks very odd to me to have that kind of difference....

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    Exactly, they will age differently.... but why would they acquire dirt, dust and patina differently? I have no dispute with authenticity of the bars, that's not my area of debate. My concern is: to my eyes, these bars have not been on this bar, handled, stored and worn at the same time. If they were, then why is there no dirt, dust, grime, grease, whatever on the 3 lower bars in the same places as the two upper bars???

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    Thanks a lot!!!

    I think its possible, at least i try it (it can take a little, but in the end i'm sure i'll have a unit).

    Yes, they look different, but all together look a little "worn" on the hights (and as some high positions, which are lower than others, have no worn off gilding i'd say its because the usual wearing caused it that only the highest parts got worn off). The metal is different as the worn off parts on the inofficial and the official ones doesn't match to 100% - so like Wild Card said its a different alloy used for them.

    The prongs are flat - similar to official ones.

    And as the ribbon and the sewing covers some prongs totally or partitially (and the ribbon is very taut) i'm sure they where not added later. Another reason is, at least i think, that if he had only the official ones first, he would have them put into the middle and not on the top - as this would be more estheticaly.

    On the clasps (official and inofficial ones) there is no dirt nor rust - just different alloy (which reacted different during the time due to its content materials).


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