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    French ribbon bar question...

    Chris Boonzaier

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    Do they still keep awarding TOE CdG? I thought it had been discontinued in 1950s and the Croix de la Valeur Militaire has been awarded instead. Also the star on the ribbon looks too small to me.


    The Croix de guerre T.O.E. was discontinued in 1992, with the last awards for Desert Storm, but apparently was briefly revived for Kosovo. However, this was only for the Kosovo War, from March to June 1999. Since this was almost entirely an air war, I can't see how a Legion infantryman would have gotten one, though.

    There is a dealer on eBay.de who sells a lot of French ribbon bars, almost all of which seem put together. This looks like one.

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    Nothing wrong with the ribbon combo - this is one to an actual officer. My only question would be with the clasps. Do you know what actions specifically qualified one for the Combatant's Cross and whether there were any such actions in Chad or the former Yugoslavia? Otherwise maybe there is a clasp missing on the Overseas Medal.

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    Thats the 59000 dollar question....

    I think the Croix de Valeur, like the Croix de Guerre gives you an almost automatic Croix de Combattant. A silly things as if you did not get one, but were in the same section, it can take years to get an applicatipn approved or tossed out.

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