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    photo:Oakleaves award ceremomy,Rogge,etc.

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    hi everyone.i just received this Hoffman press-photo.It is of Bernhard Rogge,commander of the Hilfskreuzer Atlantis,Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock,U-96 and Reinhard Suhren,U-564,being awarded their Oakleaves.

    I was wondering if someone could kindly translate the type on the reverese of the photo posted below.

    Many thanks,Martin.

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    Hello Martin,

    The reverse text translates as follows :

    The Oakleaves from the hands of the F?hrer.

    The F?hrer received in his headquarters (from left to right) Kapit?n zur See Rogge, commander of an auxiliary cruiser, and the submarine commanders Kapit?nleutnant L-W and Oberleutnant zur See S?hren, to personally hand them the Oakleaves of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross which were recently awarded to them. To the left behind the F?hrer stands the Kriegsmarine's Adjutant to the F?hrer, Kapit?n zur See v.P.

    Released by the F?hrer's Adjutantur



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