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    I am sorry for the delay!

    Please bear in mind that after March1943(Anzio started in Sep43, if I am not mistaken), the HG division reflected the member's speciality on their shoulder straps only(Plain white collar tabs for everyone). The possible pipings for the shoulder straps were:

    Red- arty

    Pink- Panzer

    Orange- Field Police(after 03Jun1943)

    Yellow- Recon

    Golden Brown- Signals

    Black- Pioneer

    Light Blue- Supply/Field Police(between 02Apr1943 and 03Jun1943)

    White- Grenadier Regt

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    Hmm, the stitching around the button hole comes out in these shots as looking like there is some red tinges on

    the cotton, it is a trick of the light, as they are grey, will have another go and see what they come out as...

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    One heck of a rare strap Paul !!! I did have an NCO's HG tunic, but I have let all of my tunics go, so that no longer

    resides with me, I am probably a bit silly, but tunics at the moment scare the heck out of me with the add ons etc

    that can be done with them, although I think the examples that I had were ok, I didn't want to expand on what I had,

    and space was a bit of a problem too, so I have sold them all off. (I only had 8 Luftwaffe related tunics).


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    Thanks Bob!! It is a tragidy to hear that your tunics are all gone!

    Thanks for the compliment on the straps. I got the set from Kai a few months ago for about 150 dollars!! He had them listed as General Staff!

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