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    Dear Chris,

    maybe off topic but can you tell more about the shooting lanyard, I have one on a Bavarian uniform, but don't know the history of it, when was it first awarded etc.I believe they are awarded for marksman shooting? or something like that, but even that I don't know for sure.

    Thanks in advance.

    kind regards,


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    roeland if you can post a pic. on the krigsmarine what i find odd is that they never had a badge on there lanyards like the other services. roeland not sure when introduced i expect around 1934 ish when nearly all badges etc then incorporated the swaz. there are twelve grades on the army , 8 for panzer and 8 for luft if my memory serves me right. i am looking out for luft ones at the moment as seem more rare to get thyan the others for some reason

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    my scanner has broken down so I couldn't get a good picture of it, but I still have this one on my computer, hope you can see it well enough.

    It's an Imperial shooting lanyard from the period before WW1.

    I bought this one at a militaria shop in Leiden specialised in Imperial items(the only one in the Netherlands)

    I asked the seller, he said there are multiple models, the Imperial, the post-WW1 and the 1934 with swastika model and post-WW2 model, he said the

    last ones aren't as beautifull produced and they are made of silver-threads, the one I have is a tri-colore one, it has the red-white-black threads of Imperial Germany.

    As soon as I can make a scan I will post it.


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    this is a nice imperial one. they did have badges that went on them sometimes too. if i am correct yours is the higher grade and correct in make up etc. shooting lanyards awarded for shooting skills. on mine the ww2 army set i have 16 to collect for the series

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