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    Hello all,

    This would probably be my first post in this particular section and I'm hoping you chaps can help me out.

    Although my collecting field is TR, I have often considered adding a GVR or GVIR MC to my collection. I'm not up on dealers for this sort of thing so if you could suggest any I would appreciate it.

    I know of emedals in Canada but that's a no go for customs & excise etc, wading in with their charges to boot so I would prefer a dealer either UK or Europe based. I have seen dixonsmedals.co.uk and they have a few but I'd like to look around first to see what's out there.

    I'm assumming ?500 is ballpark for one un-named? Named one obviously much more?

    Appreciate any pointers you can give!


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    Dixon is a fair place to start, there are others too. PM if you want URLs.

    Any named MC has been self-named and there is, therefore, there's ample scope for faking (compare to a named EK1).

    Decide whether you want:

    -- a group = bigger money, but legit (but still, I think, underpriced for WWI awards) -- research possible only for WWII (usually)

    -- WWI, WWII, or ??? -- a very nice Iraq MC group just sold, GBP 30K+

    -- if WWII-era, the MCs are dated officially - what period do you want (will impacty prices)

    Welcome to a new addiction! :cheers:

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    Hallo Ed :cheers:

    I presumed posting links will help Richard because he stated he was mainly in TR and knowing that he probaly / possibly buys direct from Germany :unsure:

    Errr.......Its not against GMIC policy is it :blush: if so I can remove.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

    No, mate, I too hope links are OK. If not, we'll both get spanked. :rolleyes:

    Richard has, as far as I am concerned, now gotten the only links he needs for his excursion away from The Dark Side! :cheers::beer:

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    Sometimes, one sees such a group on the informal trade-websites, like the dutch marktplaats "marketplace"

    I have seen there a cased MC, wasn't too sure about it because of the blurry pictures.

    There is now a group of an OBE, with 3 stars and both medals all for WWII

    I have attached a picture,

    if you're interested, please pm me and I will give you the link.

    Kind regards,


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    Yes, a group like the one Jackly posted is pretty, but as it is most likely entirely unnamed it will have 0% research potential and will carry have a nagging doubt as to whether it is legitimate or fraudulently assembled.

    Go for a nice WWI MC group (actually cheaper than a similar WWII group!). And go to a professional dealer.

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    I would shell out the extra little bit for an MC with Trio...

    The research pleasure you get will far outweigh the price difference between the group anf the unnamed single.



    This was something I was debating with myself and yes I wholeheartedly agree. The problem is that any groups that I have seen have already been researched and priced accordingly so to find a 'virgin' trio/group seems to be a very difficult task!

    WWI MC's seem to more in abundance than WWII... is there a reason for that?

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    WWI MC's seem to more in abundance than WWII... is there a reason for that?

    They were much more common in WWI than in WWII. Someplace (at home, I am now at work), I have the comparative numbers. Anyone care to drag out Abbot and Tamplin and answer this?

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    Hehe Ed, I was just wondering that myself!

    According to the Medal Yearbook, in WW1 37,000 were awarded, with 3,000 1st and 170 2nd bars, only 4 3rd bars.

    In WW2, 11,000 were awarded, with 31 2nd bars.



    Edited by deptfordboy
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    Thanks, Gilbert. :beer: Abbot and Tamplin (more reliable than MYB) show:

    WWI - Services in the Field:

    MC - 37,081

    1st bar - 2,983

    2nd bar - 168

    3rd bar - 4

    WWI - Services in Connection with the War:

    MC - 23

    1st bar - 1

    2nd bar - 1


    MC - 349

    1st bar - 31


    MC - 10,386

    1st bar - 482

    2nd bar - 24


    MC - 643

    1st bar - 20

    I don't have readily available the post-1979 awards, but darn few.

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    Here's a nice MC group coming up at the next DNW auction (lot 90), to Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. Malcolm, Royal Army Medical Corps. Estimate? ?2000-2500.

    More mundane MC groups in the ?600 range (but one very nice two-bar WWI MC group).

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    thats a damn nice one!!

    Even the OBE shimmers and shines towards you!!!


    *oops, bad word used without the intend to.. Should use my dictionary instead of making it collecting dust....*

    Edited by Jacky
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