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    I am trying to buy up diverse docs to a bavarian Major on Ebay, unfortunately no award docs.

    But there are great little things, like this one from General von Hoehn

    really interesting content, especially the part about the Somme on the last page !!!!

    Also included is a handwritten piece of paper which i am having a bit of trouble with.

    Also a ?ic of the major.

    I will add more of his stuff here as I hopefully get it....

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    The letter by General von Hoehn is one of those great Ebay finds. Sometimes historically interesting things get overseen by collectors. It was written by von Hoehn at the end of 1916 to major Paul Schmitt.

    Amongst the lines relating to Major Schmitts military postings are some great insights into the military situation at the end of 1916.

    Von Hoehn mentions his 50km long mountainous section of the western front and the fact that he has mainly territorial units under his command. Not only that, he has battered and depleted units from other sectors who, when they arrive are so lethurgic that in one case the French managed to capture 11 men in a bunker, something that would not have happened to the Landwehr/trrrotorial troops.

    There is a bit of complaining about the fact that the Bavarians are often the disadvantaged cousins, used and abused by the Prussians.

    Historically the most interesting part is his answer to a point raised by Schmitt in a previous letter, probably relating to German tactics and losses on the Somme.

    Von Hoehne mentions he was present at a conference (end of 1916) where a new tactical doctrine was worked out, one which Ludendorff was in agreement with. He also mentions fellow commanders (to remain unamed) who did not agree with these new doctrines. He accuses them of wasting the lives of their men to test theories that would have made von Clauswitz turn in his grave.

    The doctrines that von Hoehn helped formulate must have been the flexible defence in depth doctrine attributed to Ludendorff, the commanders who were against it were probably those who did their best not to implement it, the visable results of their course of action becoming apparent during the allied offensives in 1917.

    The simply typed sheet of paper is a great little piece of history... It makes one just love Ebay....

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    Man... its lonely in here....

    To the staff photo..

    Unfortunately only the remark that it was given to him personally by von Gallwitz. A date would not have been bad.

    I wonder if it is the staff of the shortly existing Heeresgruppe von Gallwitz? It existed briefly in late 1916.

    I dont suppose anyone can say "the collar on the third jacket from the left is a kind only used in August 1916" or something similar?

    I thought not... :-(

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    I can?t believe, nobody commented to this nice group yet. However, the note in post 3 is impossible to read, i am sorry. I can hardly read S?tterlin, but S?tterlin in bad handwriting is too much for me. All i can make out is:

    ...des bayer. Reiterkorps(Generalleutnant v Fasbender)...

    Glt. v. Hoehn ist j?ngstens zum General...

    Thats all, sorry, mate. You need a real pro in S?tterlin.

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    The part I can only roughly read ;-)

    Hello Chris.

    Without wanting to steal Gerd's thunder here is my partial reading:

    "Zum Brief vom 28.XI.16.

    Ich hatte Genl.v. Hoehn von meiner neuen Verwendung ? ? des bay.Res.Korps (Genlt. v. Fasbender) meinen Eindruck aus der Somme Schlacht geschrieben . Dieser Brief ist die Antwort auf meinen diesbezueglichen. Genl. v. Hoehn ist inzwischen zum Gen.d. Artl. befoerdert u. zum Kom.Gen. des G.Kdo. 15. b. Res.Kps ernannt worden u. hat einen Kampfabschnitt als Teil der Vogesenfront . "

    Bernhard H. Holst

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