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    Freikorps Insignia

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    Freikorps Air Forces

    I have been assembling images of known Freikorps Volunteer Fighter Squadron insignia. FFA418 was commanded by Oberleutnant Oskar von Boenigk and was part of Grenzschutz Ost serving in upper Silesia until October 1919.
    FFA424, FFA426, Eiserne FA427 and Art.-Flieger-Staffel 101 were part of Kampfgeschwader Sachsenberg and fought until December 1919 in the Baltic campaign, first with the Iron Division and Deutsche Legion and finally with Bermondt-Avalov's Russian West Army.


    Here is the insignia I have identified so far. With the exception of FFA418, all of these were sleeve badges worn on the upper left sleeve. Eiserne-Flieger-Abteilung 427 and Artillerie-Flieger-Staffel 101 (from my collection) were co-designations of the same unit in the Iron Division. It was the main flying unit used in the attack on Riga in May 1919.




    The photo shows a member of Kampfgeschwader Sachsenberg wearing the unit badge above the MGSS badge.





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