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    Blockade Runner opinions please.

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    Guest branded

    Firstly I am sorry I have had to ?sneak back on? but it is the only way I can publicly put my points across:

    I am not a dealer just a collector, I sold the set for $250 usd, at no time did I misrepresent the set, I posted clear pictures on this forum for all to see, the pictures could be viewed by anyone and comments made, requests for better pictures would have been welcome, but no one did, I did reply both to Sal and the head of the forum but all I got back was ?refund?. I still have the name and address of the person I bought the set off and the name of the dealer he got it off, I had no reason to think this set was not right, I paid ?200 Uk for the set but decided that I wanted to collect Luftwaffe and Iron crosses instead. The problem I had at the time was the money had gone and I was left with no answers, I honestly thought as none of the better qualified people on the forum pulled the sale up at the time I thought it was all ok, when Sal got in touch to be honest I was financially embarrassed.

    I have come on here to Firstly as I have said put my point across, secondly to apologise to Sal and the Forum for taking so long to sort this out and any upset I have inadvertently caused, I could go on and on saying I thought the set was good and I did nothing wrong but there is little point.

    Thirdly as the main badge has proven to be good I would like to offer Sal $75usd as way of an apology

    The badge alone sells for between $255-$390 usd as per these links, I know it may not be what you wanted Sal but it?s the best I can do.




    Sal please accept my offer in the spirit it is meant, at no time did I set out to con you, I am just a collector with little knowledge who relies on others for a leg up.

    Thank you for your time and best wishes to the Forum

    Wayne Sinnott.

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    Firstly I am sorry I have had to ?sneak back on? but it is the only way I can publicly put my points across:

    This is simply not true Wayne, I gave you several weeks to sort this issue out, but you failed to act. You have my email address and Sals and could have approached either one of us to resolve this issue without sneaking back, as you put it, a long time ago.

    I am glad you have eventually shown some remorse, all be it a little late in the day, but to be a member here you need to treat people with respect, and I am sorry to say, that has been some what lacking on your part.

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    • 1 month later...

    I got a suprise today as Sal sent me the BB box, and I can confirm that indeed it is a fake.

    I'll get some pictures taken of it and post the results of inspection, not a bad fake at all !

    Thanks Sally mate, looking forward to our annual trip already :beer: I'm saving up already.

    Speak to you very soon,


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    Prabably not Ricky, maybe a few examples at the rear of the book, it's going to be a big book though and may have to be in two volumes already :o There are seven distinct variations in the Ost medal packet, or is it eight, I can't remember now thats just one packet and the Luft Flak badge case around seventeen to date variations as such. Theres a lot more to do yet, and research but it's coming along.

    Hey I could do a third guide to fakes too :lol:

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