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    Reproduction - Fake

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    It may not be a fake Andreas... It is the type used by MVD in late 50s and early 60s. I have not seen any repros of these on the market for sale at any time in the past as this design is not the most highly sought after, and if original, would only bring in forty or fifty dollars in my opinion...

    The chinstrap buttons with the wing prongs are a correct attribute for caps from this period.

    Let us see what the others here may be inclined to think...

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    Guest Rick Research

    The whole thing looks "furry," but that could simply be horrid camera focus.

    I have an officer's version made by the Atelier "25th October" in Moscow in 1955 and that is the only one I have ever seen or been able to handle:

    Again, this is an old and VERY crappy camera shot (I am still unable to do better for uniforms in pieces larger or less "flat" than can fit on a scanner) and in this photo mine looks "furry" all over too-- but it is NOT:

    I have handled what are being called "Enemy At The Gates" "movie prop" uniforms and the material is in NO way similar to old uniform cloth. Nothing scanned can beat inspection in hand and the "feel" of old cloth.

    I wouldn't buy the first cap from the scan, but then I wouldn't buy MINE-- from the shot above-- either! :cheeky::catjava:

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