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    A couple of Japanese relics

    Bob Lyons

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    Hi all,

    A couple of photos from my time in the army, these 2 shots were taken at Igham Barrracks in Lae (PNG) after several weeks in the jungles near Finschaafen and the Mount Sattelberg areas, the Woodpecker was taken out of a cave and brought back to Lae in a Huey, the helmets were still lying about on the different tracks we were on, along with other assorted equipment, this time frame was about mid 1972. Probably not a lot lying about over there any more, would have all rusted away by now. The skinny guy with the MG is me when I was a lot skinnier!


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    Hi Paul,

    Yes I did have a lot of makers plates from Japanese aircraft, a couple of tanks and trucks that were knocked out on the road up to Mount Satelberg, and some Japanese helmets, unfortunately all are gone now, we lost everything we owned in a massive flood in Brisbane when we moved to Sydney on posting in 1973, and everything we had was stored in a warehouse in Brisbane for a short period, and it was over that period that Brisbane had a huge flood, and everything went down the Brisbane River!

    We had some photo albums and my basic kit in the car so that survived, nothing else unfortunately. (even my brand new TV that I had watched three times decided to go aquatic!!)


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