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    Let's start a large topic on soviet visor caps, ok?

    collecting of visor caps is a very interesting field. The practice shows that there are huge amount of different types and variations.

    Also it is interesting to see how they were worn. The majority of visor caps I have have their visors replaced, some buttons replaced and also many other interesting features.

    Unfortunately I can not post pictures of all of my visor caps, but some of them are available at the moment.

    The rest are at my village, so I will be able to post them after two-three months.

    But I know RichieC and Stoo will not let the topic die :)

    first, border guard visor cap, 1960.

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    A few examples from my collection of Naval caps. This first adorns a silver bullion "crab", that does not match it's brass chinstrap buttons... Why? I know not... However, it came to me like such in seemingly untouched condition.

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    Especially THIS one. :P

    I just think that it has such a comfy and easy-going look... Similar to the ones that the "Фашистский Захватчик" U-Boat guys like G?nther Prien were photographed wearing...

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    I have forgot to post my summer version naval...will do it tomorrow :)

    We wait Takc... ...at least I do ; Speaking for myself of course... :D

    This thread can improve. I feel certain that there are other members of this forum that can contribute greatly. But they seem to remain bashful; Again, Speaking for myself of course... :D

    I know not why...

    Prove me wrong, respected associates...


    Whilst this is so, here I show one of three examples from my collection of Merchant Fleet caps. This one sports the visor as per regulation of 1935, but is most likely of postwar make.

    I will show the other two within some days, as the images I attempted tonight did not expose properly, and I am outta daylight on this Thursday evening...

    Edited by RichieC
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    • 1 month later...

    Not to sound like a know-it-all, but...

    You need to lower the summer-white officer caps's cockarde to the same position as the black one.

    Also, as the visor on the black one does not have any oak leaves on the visor, the gold braided chin-cord needs to be replaced with a normal chin-strap like the summer white's.

    Cool. Thanks for the info Richie. I pasted your comments here in case somebody else could learn from them.

    I was under the misguided impression that the "leather" chin cord was for non-coms (Petty Officers?) and the braided cord (without leaves on the visor) for junior officers.

    Thanks for straightening me out. :)

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