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    Great condition Dietrich. Very nice.

    Mine, # 20638, was awarded 23rd September 1944 to HSU recipient Corporal Z. Akhmetzyanov and bares the ravages of time a little less keenly than yours.


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    Guest Rick Research

    1961 and still wearing single medals, not medal bar mounted


    daily individual mounted wear for DECADES certainly took its toll on enamel work!

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    Rick....as for his rank and career...I don't know his award book has his name and his list of awards which correspond with the medals I have...except interestingly his second Red Banner was not numbered as in "2" but was a single award of 150,353.

    Somehow it appears that he swapped it...or got one by some means...I certainly was not going to complain having a nice low No 2 in the 4K range issued in WW2.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Too bad no rank on the VOG Medal document--what is the LETTER cde on its serial number, though? that's a good clue: "A" numbers usually officers, "B" or "V" usually NCOs and men. Not always, but enough times to be a lead.


    It was signed by Engineer Captain 2nd Rank (Naval Commander) commander of

    89th Emergency Rescue Unit of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet, USSR People's Commissariat of the Navy. (89i Avariino-Spasak Otryad KBF USSR-NKVMF-- 89й Aвapийнo-Cпacaт Oтpяд КБФ CCCP HКВMФ)

    which is about the most interesting WW2 unit I've ever heard of! jumping.gifjumping.gifjumping.gif

    Since the commander was an Engineer, presumably not MEDICAL emergency rescue, but TECHNICAL. Divers? Bomb disposal? Rapid damage clearance? Human rescue under fire, and with life and death consequences!

    The Red Banner 150,358 falls into the November 1944 long service range--not that there weren't "real" awards at the same time-- but the others all suggest some real exciting potential for hair raising and exotic citations!!!

    Absence of 1950s numbers also suggests this guy did not go on in his military career, so those FIVE wartime awards are an incredibly impressive record.

    The Kushennkov group is BEGGING for every-award naval archive research!

    Morev's awards are also interesting-- from an October/November 1942 Lenin (when that REALLY meant something) to an extremely early Suvorov 3rd... and yet he got a mere Valor Medal November/December 1944-- quite a strange "up and down" assortment of awards!

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