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Excellent Medical Worker's Badge

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Dear Doc,

great piece :cheers: .

Looks rather old - 1940s or 1950s :unsure: ?

Military :unsure: ?

The first step for a research might be to get out, who had issued the badge, which ministery, etc.

I had been always looking out for a "Meritorious Doctor to the People ...", but never found such badge - my brother is a MD, who served as an emergency doctor for almost 2 years in the Austrian army.

Best regards :beer:


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Nice badge Doc!

I have not heard anybody researching commissariat badges. But of course it?s possible... in theory. You just need somebody to dig in the archives of USSR Commissariat of Health and find the list.

Here?s mine issued in 1942 to a nurse during the Leningrad blockade. So I guess your serial number makes it late 50-ties early 60ties? Just a guess.


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Nice ones, friends. I guess, in principle, anything that is numbered has or once had a corresponding roll of who got which one; otherwise, why bother numbering. Until and unless anyone looks for the rolls, we'll remain ignorant. The prevailing bias toward higher-end military awards will probably make things like this a low priority, so we may have to just hope that no one throws out those obsolete files before some future researcher digs into them.

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