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    Distinci?n "Manual Fajardo"


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    Actually, I believe its the science workers union. They have a cool website. This seems to be for 25 years service of a higher degree of merit. But as you said, it is also for medicne see below (you can email here too!)



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    The Distinci?n "Manual Fajardo" is indeed awarded by the National Union of Health Workers (SNTS) not to be confused with the National Union of Science Workers (SNTC)

    Regards Eddie

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    Hi Ed,

    Good to "see" you again too :) i'ts certainly been a while.

    Interesting topic Cuban awards, Images seem rare and information even scarcer.

    When time allows I try and browse the Cuban sites for little pieces of information it all adds to the larger picture of these Orders and Medals. Sure is tedious putting endless numbers of Cuban websites through the translator though.

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