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    Merit Medal for Success in Space Flight

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    Have a look at the item nr 197 in the new Andreas Thies auction.... never seen this medal before. Very nice... as well as some other items:) Biggest bunch of Buchara items I've seen in 1 group.

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    Just flipping further through the auction catalogue (great reference work - highest quality catalogue I've ever seen). Amazing group: a German EK group... aviator who also flew in '20's in Russia and was awarded one of only 90 Red Banner Orders of Chorezm!

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    And the Khorezm order !!! :o

    It seems this dealer is splitting a lot of groups in his auctions. :angry:

    Hi Soviet,

    How do we know that it is the auctioneer, and not the owner who is splitting the groups?

    I emphasize the term auctioneer, as opposed to ?dealer?, because as such he is acting as the owner?s agent; and for that reason is committed (even legally) to get the most money possible for the items consigned to him.

    As you may know, there has been extensive discussion regarding this matter in the Imperial German forum; and I am very close to the current situation as it pertains to the collection at issue which happens to have belonged to one of my closest friends. Please bear with me for a moment while I explain what happened because I think that there is something for us, as Soviet collectors, to be learned.

    The collection being discussed was displayed in cases on four different walls. As such, there was no way of knowing, for example, that the medal bar in case 2 on wall 1 went with the Bavarian Military Merit Order 2nd class in case 3 on wall 4 and the Saxon Albert Order officer?s cross that was in his desk drawer. Not only that, but the documentation identifying these groups has still not been found; and most of them were identified - many by a well known member of this forum who claims to be the good twin :rolleyes: , although many of us have our doubts. There is much more to this situation, but I can not go into it here.

    In all fairness, I think that I should mention that when it was brought to Mr. Thies attention that in a group of ribbon bars there were several that belonged to medal bars which had previously been sold, he withdrew the lot so that they could be offered individually in a later auction, thereby increasing the chance that they be reunited with their medal bars.

    We, as Soviet collectors, have an advantage in that most pieces are numbered and, as such if documented and researched, can tell what goes with what; but pieces do get separated. Still, and I can not say this strongly enough, keep good records and, in the event that you should suddenly leave us, make sure that these records are accessible to someone else after your departure.

    Unfortunately, as we see investors moving into the collecting of Soviet, I fear that their disposal of items is going to be as reckless and irresponsible as their accumulation. Yes, sad to say, accumulation - welcome to the new world. :angry:

    Thank you for your attention regarding this very important matter.

    Wild Card

    P.S. I do not see where the Khorezm badge is separated from the rest of it's related items. As near as I can tell, they are all included in lot #230. :unsure:

    Edited by Wild Card
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