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    Guest Rick Research


    That IS a silver-gilt Verdienstkreuz?


    They had so many already made on hand, according to von Hessenthal and Schreiber, that the hollow REAL GOLD ones were used through 1916.

    Real True GOLD is MUCH "better" than cheapo silver gilt any day right?




    There were



    George already sorted out double Schaumburg-Lippe Merit Cross winners.

    The Half Dozen =

    1) BUHS-- GVK 30.10.17 fr?her Gemeindevorsteher, SVK 16.04.07 Gemeindevorsteher

    2) FLENTKE-- GVK 13.10.18 Stadtrat, SVK 09.05.08 ....meister (illegible, microscopic as are all entries)

    3) M?HLMANN-- GVK 23.01.18 Kreissekret?r, SVK 16.04.07 Kreissekret?r

    4) PETERS-- GVK 29.06.18 Botenmeister, SVK 02.07.00 Hof Fu... (illegible, microscopic as are all entries)p

    5) SCH?TTE-- GVK 01.04.17 Hegemeister, SVK 20.02.13 Hegemeister

    6) SEBENING-- GVK 13.10.18 Stadtrat aD, SVK 09.05.08 Stadtrat

    I am detecting a "habit" Claudio has of ending up with Lippe Things Only Awarded In Single Figures! :speechless1:

    Now, I am not SURE whether indeed ALL 1916 recipients by full complete calendar year got the hollow gold badges. So there may be a few more suspects to add to this list. There were FIVE GVKs awarded in all of 1916

    which would RAISE Claudio's score to a horrifyingly common total of 11 potentially.

    And this guy mounted his backwards!!!! :cheeky:

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    • 9 months later...
    Guest Rick Research

    Research Gnomes never forget a :love::love: bar.

    Now that I've had the 1912 Schaumburg-Lippischer Kalendar in my paws, of these 6 possible suspects, 4 can be eliminated as having other known awards.

    The only remaining suspects are

    PETERS and SEBENING. They are, unfortunately, also so obscure I can locate the first name for neither and have no idea where Sebening was a Stadtrat FOR.

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    Thanks Rick, for bringing up again this matter... The only way maybe to find which one of the two guys is the real original owner of the bar would be to find a picture with name on it. Thanks anyway! ;)

    Edited by Claudio
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    Guest Rick Research

    Oh, just because we don't have any lists for the 1907 Jubilee Medal and the wartime Crosses for Loyal Service remain as thousands of individual receipt slips NOW doesn't mean that they will NEVER get done-- look at how much progress we've made in the last two years!!!!

    All we have to do is live long enough... :rolleyes::cheeky::cheers:

    Forgot to add: Peters' SVK entry is as "Hof Fuhrunternehmer."

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