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    300 Years Reunification Ukraine With Russia Badge

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    Hallo Gents, :cheers:

    We held the Deva Collectors Fair on Saturday 21st of April, 2007. It is a small event and we had competion in regards the local Hunedoara Rally was on the same day, in any case I bought along my camera in case I spotted anything interesting, and I came across this one:

    It was in a plastic folder to please excuse the quality of the picture.

    Very Colourful can any of the members inform us what its for and a value?

    Many thanks,

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    The badge does exist in two types. One with text in Ukrainian and the other with text in Russian. The Ukrainian badge has been made in Ukraina and marked L JU CH (slavic letters) and the Russian badge has been made in Leningrad (marked L E (LenEmaljer)).

    Both badges from my collection. Sorry for the bad scan.


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    • 9 months later...
    Guest Rick Research

    Fished this lovely little enamelled 1954 gem out of a Tupperware bin this morning. Not that I could remember WHEN that tricentennial took place-- but the enamel is first rate and I knew I'd seen 'em before.

    Sure enough, Igor has two types of reverse and Russian AND Ukrainian language versions of the same design.

    From the Kremlin tower in the center... was this some sort of OFFICIAL parade attendees' badge, or just a patriotic "tinnie" sold all over the USSR for the occasion?

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    Hallo Ricky, :cheers:

    Congrats on a nice find :jumping::jumping: the colours on this piece are a nice contrast,

    I know I posted a picture of one, that, I bought here in Romania, last year,

    but darned if I can find the thread where its posted :banger:

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

    EDIT: Found it at last :jumping:

    [(((link removed as no longer existing once combined :cheers: RR)))

    Perhaps the posts could be merged??

    Kevin. :D

    Edited by Rick Research
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