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  1. If I'm not mistaken this is the uniform of cadets students of the General staff Academy
  2. There are many variants of uniform items made in the USSR for foreign armies. This is an example for Africa.
  3. Guys look at the early belt of the Admiral of the Soviet Navy
  4. Hello. Letters and text on the gun requires a good photo or scan. I was able to read part of the last name and first name, as well as on the gun and the year 1975
  5. This has to do with non-military security. Vohr. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/ВОХР_(охрана)
  6. Hey guys, look tunic of a General of the Red Army to Parade in 1945.
  7. hi, is the form of the front where the original award. There is a form of front-where the output is allowed the wearing of the straps.Sorry for bad English
  8. Hi. I'd offer to show photos first detailed. She looks like a replica made in Ukraine.
  9. Very strange flag. Strange hammer for Communist ideology.
  10. Thanks. I am delighted with information of the site and the book.
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