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  1. Hey guys, look tunic of a General of the Red Army to Parade in 1945.
  2. hi, is the form of the front where the original award. There is a form of front-where the output is allowed the wearing of the straps.Sorry for bad English
  3. Hi. I'd offer to show photos first detailed. She looks like a replica made in Ukraine.
  4. Very strange flag. Strange hammer for Communist ideology.
  5. Thanks. I am delighted with information of the site and the book.
  6. Thank You for viewing
  7. Thanks for the comment. Military picture for me an additional illustration of my little collection of uniforms. Of course there is a German view. These are 2 pictures of the time war.These portraits. But I like one of them. It's a German warship in the North sea . Maybe it's Bismarck Yours faithfully Sergey
  8. Hello. I hurt you. Or You got angry seeing the picture.
  9. Stalin. Official picture. Soldiers of the NKVD
  10. Thank you Larry. I could not buy a picture of Brezhnev in uniform. Now i found this picture .And if You dont mind here are a few my pictures.
  11. Thank you Rogi .Unfortunately the photo does not give the full color pictures.
  12. Thank you Spasm. The portrait painted before 41 years.The portrait found in the attic of the old house.
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