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Hello all;

This is the first medal bar. At the time, I had no idea how uncommon it was. Not the medals, however. The medals are somewhat common. What makes this a favorite five of mine is the combination and the maker stamp on the back. While a cloth maker tag is uncommon and nice to find, this one is an ink stamp. A close up is included, but even in person the lettering is becoming hard to read. But on the fourth line I can just make out the city of "Koblenz".

I think the combination of medals is interesting because this gentleman was eligible to receive the Centennial medal in 1897, stayed alive through WWI and earn an EK2, and Hessian equivalent and was around in 1934 to get the Hindenburg cross. A non-com.????


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This bar tells it's owner's "work history."

He was a career NCO or Petty Officer, on active duty on 22 March 1897 (Centenary Medal), at a time when the ugly brooch style long service awards came in IX, XV, and XXI Years classes-- hence his M1913 IX Years Medal, updated to the new model.

Because there is no higher class long service award, he went out of the military-- commonly to a civil service job.

From which he was called back for wartime military service.

Most ex-12 years NCOs were appointed Officer Deputies and Feldwebelleutnants in 1914. Having that seniority, most of them were discharged after the war with brevet commissions as Leutnants aD, usually of the Landwehr.

This man then went back about his civil business.

If he was indeed a civil servant, the bar predates 1938's creation of the Treudienst Crosses. He'd have been awarded the 40 Years class with his pre-1897 combined cumulative military and civil service.

So even though this is a "common" bar, it is a snapshot from a 4 year period of a 50-something ex-career enlisted/demobilized Leutnant's awards. :cheers:

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