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    Vasiliy Petrovich Radukh

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    I know a Russian girl and whenever I need something translated, I take it to her for help. She used to call her Grandfather whenever there was a word she was not familiar with and he would explain it to her.

    Not long ago she asked me if I would like to meet her Grandfather, of course, why wouldn't I. We met and he asked me about my interest in Soviet medals, so I told him. He then presented me with a cigar box with almost all his medals from his time in the USSR (He said he was missing his Defense of Moscow and his Veteran medal, didn't know what happened to them since moving to America). None of his family wanted them because they were now American and didn't see a need to keep them. He gave me a brief account of what he received them for which I have added below. He was glad to give them to someone who appreciated what they were for. I was deeply honored that he would entrust them to me. I told his family that if they ever wanted them back, all they needed to do was ask.

    What a great piece of history to have been appointed caretaker of.


    Vasiliy Petrovich Radukh

    Born: February 21, 1926, Moscow

    1941 - Received Labor medals for work keeping streets clear of bomb damage

    1943 ? Joined army as 37mm AAA gunner in Moscow age 17

    1944 ? Received OPW 1st Class for destroying 4 German aircraft and the Medal for Valor

    1948 ? Discharged from Army into the Reserve arm of the ?Protivo-Vozdushnaya Oborona? Voyska PVO Anti-Air Defense corps

    1949-1954 - Attended University of Moscow received degree in Economics

    1955-1991 - Professor of Economics, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics.

    1973 - Order of the Badge of Honor (classes with highest academic achievement)

    1985 ? OPW 2nd Class, 40th Anniversary

    1991 ? Retired from University and from the reserves as a Lt Colonel of Air Defense Forces

    1994 ? Immigrated to US with wife, Daughter, Son-in-Law and Grandchildren

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    What marvelous history! You have a great and wondrous duty that has been laid on you.

    Did the family have any of the accompanying documentation? And you really should ask for a photo that you can have copied, so you can keep this distinguished gentleman's memory alive all the better.

    Now, how about research on the few that are possible to reserch . . . ???


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    I also have all his documents for the medals and orders. I don't have a photo but will ask him the next time I see him. One from the GPW and a current one, that would be a nice addition. I hve also purchased a Defense of Moscow medal and a veteran's medal to complete all his awards, I figured it was the least I could do. I also have a couple of his uniform items, shouldaer boards, badges, school pins among a few other things. Maybe when I get a photo, I will post it here.

    As far as research goes, I got it all direct from the owner so I don't see a need to do any more. :D

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    Fantastic group - congratulations :cheers: .

    Two aspects are interesting about this group:

    - a university professor received a Labour Glory 3cl (usually only for teachers at more or less normal schools) :unsure: .

    - an officer in the reserve received 3 long service awards (MMM, RS & Medal) for 10, 15 & 20 years, despite the fact, that he discharged from the army after 10 years in service :unsure: .

    Best regards :beer:


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    As far as research goes, I got it all direct from the owner so I don't see a need to do any more. :D

    Actually, if you get the research on it, that might spur on some more memories for the veteran. I would LOVE to have a group where the vet could explain to me what his seniors were like (the guys that signed the citation) how the award ceremonies were, and so on. He might very well appreciate the research because he might enjoy reading again some of his deeds during the War. I think it's a win-win situation, and it would be well worth anything you invested in it.


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