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    The poster Great Stalin

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    You may wish to glance at: http://www.sovmusic.ru/english/p_list.php

    They also have more inspirational music that many (other than you and I and ???) may wish to listen to!

    Dear Ed,

    many thanks for that really great link :love: .

    I specially love that poster, which is outstanding in terms of artistic viewpoint, but also in terms of ideology:

    I remember the late friend of our family here in Vienna, Rosa Jochmann http://www.frauen.spoe.at/jochmann/ , who had been at the KZ-Ravensbr?ck, who told to us, that their hope at the Nazi-Concentration-Camp had been: "Wenn russische Panzer rollen, dann bedeutet das Freiheit!" ("When Soviet tanks roll, then this means freedom to us" (in the KZ).

    The Red Army liberated Majdanek http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majdanek , Auschwitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auschwitz_concentration_camp , etc., etc. Soviet tanks played an important role in these operations.

    So, Soviet tanks are to me a symbol of the liberation of fascim in Europe!

    BTW: I assume, that the T-34 - besides the heroism of the Soviet people - has won the GPW :D .

    I am happy to have (nearly) all of our "inspirational music" - also in many GDR-interpretations - in my vast CD-collection (producing CDs - classical music - is one of my main fields in business ;) ).

    Best regards :beer:


    Edited by Christian Zulus
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