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    Lets see your M44 Shoulder Straps

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    Hi Snoopy! Are those M44s?

    Hi Paul

    To be honest, I'm not shure. I thaught they might be, since they are not bottle green. I must admit that I don't know much about Heer shoulder straps.

    Best regards


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    Here is my contribution to this thread. I'm still looking for M44 panzer straps.

    I have pictured are my near mint M43 tunic, and my later 40 tunic both with matching (to the tunics) M44 straps. The M43 has signal straps (the most common) and the M40 has Mountain troops straps. In the back ground I have a M43 covered by a mint, late 43 dated, M42 watch coat. Both the tunic and coat have matching Pioneer straps.


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    Thank you all for sharing your prized straps here! Are the pioneer straps M44s?

    Hi Paul,

    The pioneer straps on the M42 coat are not M44s but the straps on the M43 tunic under the coat has M44 straps. However I didn't want to mess with taking off the coat just to take pictures. I'll get to it later I figure.


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