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Group that was offered to me

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Dear Bryan,

many thanks for the information :cheers: .

The group is interesting and very typical, but I assume rather expensive, because Igor sold that group 2 years ago for USD 340,- :( .

I think, that the research for the bravery-medal is missing also :unsure: .

The ribbons are also brand new replacements, but the enamel at the "Za Otvagu"-Medal is in rather bad shape :( .

As far, as I could make out from the citation, comrade Shukanov should have first got a OPW 2cl and then received a RS.

The 1985-OPW 1cl might indicate, that comrade Shukanov had been wounded in the GPW.

Best regards :beer:


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Why? Sukhanov got an order in the GPW, what made him eligible for a 1985 1st Class.

Dear Auke,

Sukhanov got only an RS, which should result in an 1985-OPW 2cl - except when he had been wounded: They all got OPW 1cl.

O.K., there had been no special regulations about the subject, who shall get 1cl or 2cl in 1985, but I have 2 documented groups with 1985-OPW:

- Sgt. Gnitienko, Cavalier of Glory: 1985-OPW 1cl (that award is missing in my group)

- Capt. 1st Rank Kandybin, RS during GPW: 1985-OPW 2cl

So, I think, that there is a propability, that Sukhanov had been wounded.

Best regards :beer:


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