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    Show your customised medals and orders

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    After the discussion on the restoration medal thread, please show your medals and orders that were apparently customised by the recipient. I have seen many orders that were converted from screwback to hanger to pinback or vice versa. Please show your odd medals in this thread.

    I'll start with some orders I have in my collection that I have shown in other threads.

    Pinback conversion



    "Sheriff conversion"

    The order was apparently squeezed on the tips of the star rays with pliers, creating some kind of "Sheriff badge".


    So these are my only odd order. Please show yours!!!

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    Picking up on the restoration/repair thread, I am not a soviet expert but I am however interested to learn, do these modifications actually increase or decrease their desirability amongst soviet era collectors, bearing in mind that these would have been carried out by the actual recipients of the awards. They are obviously not as they would have been awarded originally.

    Alex K

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    Guest Rick Research

    Oh, definite price reduction for damage, despite the increased personal history:

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    I have just added this nice Order of the Red Star to my collection. I have ordered research upon reception. It is supposed to have been awarded to an East German officer. The needle has an East Geman made configuration.

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