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    The first Communist Era Cap Badge

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    • 1 year later...

    My Christmas present to you all is a nice red star which relates to my post on the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Army cap badge. I found this listed on a Hungarian auction site today and I think it will be of some interest. It is a badge which reproduces the cap badge as worn by the Hungarian Soviet Army during the short lived Kun Bela Communist regime. It comes in a red case lined with what appears to be cream coloured material. According to the auction listing it was produced by the Csepel Iron Works to commemorate the 50th anniversary of those who served in the Hungarian Soviet Army. There is no mention of who was awarded this badge nor how many were made but I suspect there were not many produced. Csepel is the largest island in the Danube in Budapest. It was a major industrial area during WWII and during the HUPR. During the HUPR it was a large iron and steel works. It is mostly deserted now except for some small business firms occupying some of the old buildings.



    Here is a picture of the 50th anniversary award.

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    very cool.

    Somewhere I have a vague memory of the Steel works letter to a 1919/1969 50th anniversary medal awardee. Given my limited Hungarian skills, I wonder if it somewhere says, "Oh by the way, here's a badge'.

    Off to go look.

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