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    Tiflis - Moscow -- First Flight Badge

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    This badge commemorates the first Tiflis (Tbilisi) - Moscow flight, which took place from October 23-31, 1927. The one time I made that same trip I think it took me two hours or so, maybe a little longer.

    I imagine the flag badge was a stock item in a jeweler's atelier, purchased and engraved as needed.

    I have seen very few KKA badges (even fewer OKA) and fewer yet badges of the KKA air force. I'll look, but this may be my only one.

    KKA = Causasus Red Army. KKA would be an interesting field to collect -- IF you could ever find anything.


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    Thank you, Sergey and Doc. I'm still trying to inventory the things I brought back in July. I'll share any deserving ones later on.

    My darlin' wife has always wanted to take a cruise. The idea never interested me until she found a river cruise from St. Pete to Moscow. We leave here in a few days for the cruise, with a few extra days at both ends. I admit that I'm looking forward to it more than I would have thought.

    I was to have flown from Moscow to Yerevan at the end, to work for a couple of months. The project I was working on is upside down now, mostly due to major government changes, and may not recover. The upshot is that I'm coming back home with my wife and I may never return to Yerevan. Maybe I will finally retire for good this time.


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