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Insignia , Awards And Decorations Of The Singapore Armed Forces


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Hi everyone,

I was from the Singapore Army for close to 3 years and i think its high time i show some of its militaria.

Please click on the links below. If any of you guys can help me minimize the picture, i'll really appreciate it.

1)Shown below are the headgear metal insignia.


2)Rank insignia. 1


3)Rank Insignia. 2


4)Qualification Badges. 1


5)Qualification Badges. 2


6)Orders & Decorations.





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...... Please bob round to http://www.medals.org.uk/singapore/singapore.htm - I'd appreciate your comments, advice & assistance.

Thank you for helping me with the pictures :)

Also , i have to say that you have an excellent website !! Keep it up. :rock on:




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Why thank you, Ibrahim.

The pictures were no problem, only took a short time...

Er, any chance that you would be kind enough to permit me to use one or two of your medal pictures on my site?

Sure Megan . No problem. :D

Hopefully I'll complete my collection of enamel SAF unit badges by the end of my army reservist this october.

Those babies look very cool...and i'll of course post it here once its done.




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Any have more information obout this medals?

Thank you

On the left is Singapore Police Medal for Overseas Service current type (if my memory is good post 1996).

On the right it's Singapore Armes Force Overseas Service Medal current type.

Before there was a different ribbon for operational & non operational mission,now not anymore.

The current Singapore Armed Force Overseas Service Medal current type is always named on reverse.


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