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    Iraqi Fedayeen "Darth Vader" Helmet.

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    There is quite a bit of information on these helmets out there on the web - this is my only Iraqi helmet:

    (I see that this post has been edited - typo, grammar, foul language or too political?)

    In fact, why was it edited? There was nothing insulting or controversial in my original post. I know this question's a bit late, but there was no explanation given either.

    It's a ludicrous helmet with no merit in terms of protection for the wearer, of extremely poor quality & apparently designed by a Star Wars fan with an eye to imparting a sinister air to its wearer.

    I have read that the designer was Uday or Q'day, I can't remember which brother was which.

    It is however an interesting novelty, which is sad, given the events that surround it.

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    The rubber badge positioned on the right side of the helmet - "The Lord The Homeland The Leader" - the helmet was sprayed black after the badge was fitted, as evidenced by those helmets which have had the badge removed. I read somewhere that US troops bringng these lids home as souvenirs were only allowed to do so if the badge was removed, tho' that sounds rather unlikely - is it true?

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    Some links to info. about these helmets:

    A familiar name.......



    Is the sweatband a US item? - the badge is stated to be a replacement:


    A little bit of info about the Fedayeen:


    There is a good Spanish language site on helmets, but although I have a copy of its article & photos saved, I did'nt save the url, & can't find it on searching the web - here's what it says:

    Denomination: Card: 1/1

    Project: Made: 2003

    Destinies: Used by some Fedayines volunteers. Distributed: 2003

    Trimming: Craddle Type . Period: Year 2003 (2? Gulf War)

    Chin strap: Synthetic weave, 2 pieces, steel hook. Country of origin: Iraq ()

    Symbol: Stranger. Variant: of guardarrop?a cinematographic.

    Camouflage: Its rough painting. Material: Fiber glass (6mm of thickness)

    Characteristics: Very particular. Similar to the Darth Vader Weight: 1,060 gr..

    Others: Quite heavy . Stature: Only.

    Ballistics: The own ones of the fiber glass, little. Color: Rough black.

    The recent campaign of the Gulf against the troops of Saddam Hussein, still unfinished actually, has created great controversies and, in addition not yet sufficiently it is explained in his causes and development. (*)

    2? Gulf War, that has been accepted like a continuation of other considered "unfinished", repeats many of the schemes of uniforms and equipment of the first fight. In spite of the course of the years, that have perfected obviously the arms and, particularly, the ammunition, of the attackers, have not presented/displayed variation some on the part of the Iraqian troops.

    Considering that in the chapter of helmets was where the Iraqians were on the verge of renovation after the cease-fire, the reality is that the enormous suffered difficulties prevented to adopt no of the announced innovations.

    It has been an anecdotal element, lamentably, which has revolutionized enough collectors.

    A small group (an average dozen) of defenders of an advance post appeared in the televisions worldwide equipped with strange helmets, of gray color kills, that remembered too much to the "Hollywood ones" of the saga of "the War of the Galaxies".

    Between the provoked speculations, the possibility that considered its use was due to the precariedad of means, or the euphoria of some milicianos young people

    If the first images of Iraqian soldiers with so strange helmets provoked sinf?n of questions, the appearance of a good number of these left in a patio, allowed to confirm that its use had been greater of the appreciated one in a while, surpassing certain incredulity, comprehensible at first before the unusual thing of the presence of these helmets in forward edge battle

    The history of these helmets has not done more than to begin. Or helmets of this type are being commercialized brought by combatants or journalists and who immediately have put on sale to crazy prices.

    We know that these helmets, that they have been adjudged to voluntary groups of Fedayines, perfectly are equipped and provided with the corresponding chin strap, all it of synthetic weave.

    The proximity allows us to corroborate the identity of lines that reproduce the famous helmet "Darth Vader literally ".

    Made in fiber glass of a thickness approximated to 1/4", it is becoming thin as ample wing comes near on the brink of madness.

    The trimming is complete, similar to the one of M? 80 of Corlon. It includes adjustable sweater shirt.

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    What are they made of?

    Fibreglass - again, I have this info saved but not a link to he site - maybe it does'nt exist any more.

    I like the comment about a "a peculiar looking corpse":

    False Flags

    Mercilessly separating fact from fiction

    January 7, 2005

    Star Wars meets the US Army & Marine Corps

    This my be hard to believe, but Saddams Fedayeen are actually wearing this Darth Vader combat helmet. These things were procured back prior to 2003. They are 1/4 inch thick fibreglass and steel, and weigh over a kilogram each. Not sure what bullets this thing will be stopping -- I suspect all they will do is leave a peculiar looking corpse. This Spanish web site has some additional info on these crazy things. Photos via militaryphotos.net.

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    • 2 months later...

    Very nice Helmet

    They just sold one on e-bay last week for $1,300.00 3ID Infintry Divison, pick them all up when they started the war in 2003.

    Check out this pic of all the Vader Helmets:

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    That will be one of those classic photos.

    Yea $1,000.00 each they sale for there has to be at least 100 of them on the ground. $100.000.00 investment, minus the shipping them all back.

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    • 9 months later...

    Especially the one on the right.

    The story goes that the units commander, Saddams son Q'day or Uday (excuse spelling), whichever one bore a resemblance to Freddy Mercury, was a Star Wars fan & designed the helmet himself.

    Too funny!! I thought that he looked very similar to Freddy Mercury too! I wonder if this is the reason he was so messed up? lol The helmet's resemblance to Darth Vader's is too coincidental to be anything other than intentional! I cannot get over how hot it must have been to wear that helmet and uniform in the sun.

    So these guy's were the equivalent to the SS in Germany?

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    So these guy's were the equivalent to the SS in Germany?

    At least part of the organisation bears a resemblance.

    Composed of young soldiers recruited from regions loyal to Saddam. The unit reported directly to the Presidential Palace, rather than through the army command, and was responsible for patrol and anti-smuggling duties.

    The Fidayi Saddam included a special unit known as the "Death squadron", whose masked members performed certain executions, including in victims' homes. The Fidayi operated completely outside the law, above and outside political and legal structures.

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    Thanks for the explanation. It does clear up a lot of questions for me.

    I heard that before it was Uday Hussien who wanted to take over his fathers army and it was his fascination of the Star wars Moves. One step closer for him to be the MOD of Iraq. That is one of the reasons why he killed Hussien Kamel.


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