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    Actually, you'd be pretty surprised at what went through, even Imperial! I have pix in my archive of a Mecklenburg FFK2........ with the ?se soldered on the bottom arm!

    I've had a number of 1870 EK2's with radical tilt to one of the arms.... and they were issued that way! biggrin.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Thilly! That is the insanely rare naval Starboard Watch issue, suspended off center to compensate for the pitch and yaw of a warship.




    made aboard ship, BTW-- hence the rather irregular silver edge finishing.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Indeed. One of the attributes of being the Good Ricky is saving Amazing Ricky Vision? scans of the Evil Ricky's stuff:


    These, of course, were awarded to aviators, so they could see them right side up while waaaaaaay up in the sky.

    And then there was the Limping 1870... cool.gif


    Monday work. cheeky.gifcheers.gif

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