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    Here is an item which I picked up some time ago from an old German Collection. It was awarded to Alois Huedopisk on 21.12.1942. Huedopisk was born in Graz/Austria and was Unteroffizier Geschuetzfuehrer 2nd Battery, Flak-Regiment 38.

    This item is also shown on p2470 of Joerg Nimmergut's book "Deutscher Orden und Ehrenzeichen" vol. IV.


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    Now that is a beautiful piece, Stan?and one of the rarest Luftwaffe awards.

    The salver was awarded to those members involved in ground combat and had shown outstanding bravery, but not quite enough to earn the DKiG.

    Instituted in June 42, the salver was replaced by the Roll of Honour clasp (Ehrentafelspange ? Luftwaffe) at end of 1944. On the institution of the Roll of Honour clasp, all those who had previously been awarded the salver were entitled to wear the clasp.

    Many thanks?.You?ve made my day.


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    You certainly don't see many of these! It's one of those pieces that has been much neglected in references and never really covered in much detail. I think there has been much misinformation about these with some saying they are fakes (or perhaps they refered to copies of these? :wacky:).

    Yours looks to be a wonderful example.

    Thanks for sharing!


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