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    Sergeant Aleksandr Petrovich Panfilenko

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    Not yet fully researched, but whatever I can get will come along here.

    Guards Senior Sergeant (later Police Sergeant-Major) Aleksandr Petrovich Panfilenko.

    As always, any and all information is appreciated.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Yup, 114th Guards Long Range Bomber Aviation "Kirkenes, Red Banner" Regiment. Man, those honorifics initials would have thwarted me forever if the stamps hadn't explained the abbreviations as written out! The Polar Regions card shows him as Gds Sr Sgt of Tech Svcs so he must have been ground crew.

    What is interesting about this-- given his two medals-- is that the unit was ARMY and not NAVY. The obvious-seeming thing would have been that they flew long distance OVER WATER... ???

    His 1967 is as Starshina of civil police ("Militia") and was signed by the Commander of then-"OOP" of Kiev, Commissar 3rd Rank/Major General of Police Destyarov.

    I suspect the 1952 MMM is for 10 years combined in the army air corps and police. SOME kinds of MVD seem to have racked up the same long service awards as the regular military, at least through the mid 1950s and perhaps as long as the armed forces did. That would mean he went into the army circa 1941/42 so perhaps there is a 15 Years Red Star out there somewhere before he got his police (by whatever initials) 20 years medal in 1962.

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