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Hi everybody,

I have received it recently and I just want to know if it is tracable. Look at the beautiful ribbon bar and more particulary of the second ribbon (I think of CM2 with date of Saxe Coburg Gotha jumping.gif ).

I can't read the back of the photo, if someone can help me. Thanks per advance


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That's Generalleutnant Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Alfred von Besser (1854-1919) as CO of the 47th Reserve Division. I am sure that his ribbon bar is

25mm size ribbons overlapping each other:

EK2 1870 w/1895 oakleaves, XXV, and the 1870 War Medal--those are two battle bars from that, not a Carl Eduard.



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A former commander of the Garde-J?ger-Bataillon and Leib-Garde-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 115, born 9 March 1854, the General died on 16 May 1919. Here is a portrait by the Austrian artist Oskar Bruch rendered in 1915.



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